Mix-and-Match Siding

The exterior of your home has personality – trim, roof and door colours, style of windows, and the type and style of siding – all work together to make a statement. You’ve seen houses that have a certain “wow” factor. You want it too. Here are some ideas to help get you started on mixing and matching for maximum effect and added curb appeal.

Reasons to Mix-and-Match

Emphasize a particular architectural feature by using a different siding material from the rest of your home. Example: brick house with stone window casements.

If the house is built close to the ground, choose board and batten siding to make it appear taller.

Use wood strip siding on a smaller house to make it seem wider or more substantial.

When adding an extension to your home such as a den, home theatre or sun porch, choose a different kind of siding to make it stand out.

How to Mix-and-Match

If you’re not sure, determine what architectural style your home is. Then consider exactly what effect you want to achieve. Example: horizontal lap siding with cedar shingles for a comfortable “cottage” or a relaxed “contemporary” feel; or pair copper metal sheets and cement fiber panels for an ultra-modern facade.

Choose materials that require similar levels of upkeep. Example: Vinyl siding needs a minimal amount of TLC, while wood shingles tend to be higher maintenance.

The main point of mix-and-match siding is to create visual interest. Limit the number of siding materials. Any more than three different types of siding material on the exterior of your home might make it appear muddled rather than esthetically pleasing.

While you do want to select materials that are different from one another, you will also want to ensure that the colors you choose complement not only each other, but all of the elements of the home’s exterior. Example: You’ve picked redwood strip siding with grey-green cedar shingles; ebony black roof shingles might overpower the general appearance – a safer choice for the roof colour would be dark gray.

The Art of Mix-and-Match Siding

There’s no rule saying that you have to stick to one type or style of siding when choosing one for your home. However, mixing and matching just because it’s trending could lead you down the wrong design path. Keep in mind that different siding materials have their own price ranges. So, mixing it up might cost you more than using only one type of siding. Know why you want to mix-and-match, what effect you want to create, and how much you want to spend.