Siding Installation

At MHC Gutters, we understand the value of a successful siding installation. Siding is an important factor in your home’s appearance. It adds character and curb appeal, increasing the value of your investment. Not only does siding make a home look beautiful, Vancouver siding also protects it from rain and the damaging effects of the elements. Siding also helps to make the outside of your home easier to maintain. We have been serving the Vancouver lower mainland community since 1999.

If you need new siding, we offer quality service and products backed by manufacturers’ warranties. Types of siding we offer are:

  • Vinyl – for an inexpensive, durable siding installation vinyl that doesn’t need painting, it is a very cost-effective siding solution
  • Cedar – as Vancouver siding material, it gives a home a beautifully natural appearance
  • Shingles – with the distinctive look of cedar siding, shingles do not require as much maintenance
  • Concrete Boards – a versatile material for siding, concrete boards are exceptionally and can have the look of virtually any other material including wood, stone or brick

As a professional contractor for siding installations, we also offer custom siding installation solutions. Call us today to arrange for a free estimate.