Home Exterior Spot Check Tips

Yes, just because it isn’t raining and the sun shines every now and then, it doesn’t mean it’s spring. But nicer weather is a good time to see how your property is holding up during the stormy season. Use this brief spot check list to help alert you to gutters, downpipes and other areas of your home’s exterior that might need immediate attention before winter is officially over.

Check inside the gutters for an accumulation of gunk and remove it as soon as possible; outside the gutters for new rust spots, or ones that have become more pronounced, especially near seams.

Don’t forget ice dams – just because we don’t experience the more severe temperatures familiar to other parts of Canada, doesn’t mean temps here never dip below freezing.

If roof tiles, pieces of roof tile and/or roofing granules have landed in the gutter system, make sure the roof hasn’t sustained any serious damage that requires immediate repair.

Ensure that the downspout is free of blockages. Look around the downpipe for drainage issues such as pooled water or runoff draining too slowly.

Examine the gutters and downpipes for any loosened rivets, screws and fasteners.

Walk around the exterior of your home. Check siding for new cracks; previously repaired panels that have shifted; and stained areas you don’t remember seeing before.

Use a power washer on a low setting to remove debris from the deck, sidewalk or driveway. There will be less of it to deal with when you spring or fall clean the yard later in the year. In the meantime, the exterior of your home will have added curb appeal.

Make sure that no large cracks in need of fixing have appeared on the driveway or sidewalk. Uneven surfaces can cause accidents.