Alu-Rex Leaf Guard

While Vancouver gutters channel rain down from the roof of your home and away from its foundation, any gutter system does its job much more efficiently if it is free of debris like leaves and twigs. Gutters, particularly sheltered corners, can be the perfect place for a bird to build its nest. The Gutter Clean SystemTM and T-Rex by Alu-Rex, the products we use for leaf guard installations, are designed to remove debris accumulation, diminishing the possibility of common gutter problems such as rotting leaves and standing water in which mosquitoes can breed.

The Gutter Clean SystemTM system protects your gutters with a patented technology that ensure water is effectively drained away. It is designed to keep debris out of the gutters, eliminating overflowing gutters due to clogs and buildup. The cover also prevents ice from accumulating. This leaf guard system easily conforms to new or existing gutters; no matter how wide the gutter channel is or what material they are made, with the exception of vinyl gutters. It covers the eavestrough with 312 perforations every 12 inches and is able to drain 29.7 inches of water per hour per linear foot or three times the amount of water to be recorded to fall in heavy rain storms. It is invisible from the street and will not rust or flake.

For new gutter installations we recommend T-Rex by Alu-Rex, a gutter fastening system that incorporates leaf guard. This system secures gutters to your home so effectively that your gutter system will be able to bear weight of up to 250 pounds per linear foot.