Gutter Profiles

Gutter styles, also referred to as gutter profiles, impact the overall appearance of a house’s exterior. The shape of a rain gutter might seem like an unimportant detail. But choosing a gutter profile where the channel is round instead of rectangular can add more charm and personality to a home’s curb appeal.

K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters are the most popular gutter profile in North America. K-style, also known as ogee, gutters are very versatile, blending in with most architectural styles, from traditional to modern to pretty much anything in between. Typically they handle more water than other gutter profiles of the same size.

European Gutters

European gutters are a complete rain gutter system with its own unique design. Outlets, end caps and other gutter components are typically constructed of “natural” colored metals such as copper, zinc or galvanized steel. Their distinctive look is largely contributed to their half-round profile, lending a simple yet sophisticated appearance to the home’s exterior.

Colonial Gutters

The Colonial gutter profile is a popular choice because, even though it has a classical or traditional OG (Old Gothic) shape, it can complement a number of exterior styles including contemporary and modern. It has a wide channel that makes it accessible when the gutters have to be clean. Because this gutter style is still in use after five decades, it is easy to match components when parts or sections need replacing.

Fascia Gutters

Fascia gutters are used on homes where the rafter tails are still exposed or have not been covered by fascia boards. The back of a fascia gutter is higher than other types of gutters to hide the ends of the rafters from view. Like standard gutter systems, fascia gutters are available in a variety of designs that include crown mold, two-step and flat face.