Common Gutter Repairs

When something goes wrong with your gutters, it doesn’t necessarily mean the solution has to be time-consuming, expensive or both. During regular gutter maintenance, look for these common gutter repairs you can do now that might save you a lot of money later.

Sagging or MIA

Especially in the Lower Mainland where high winds and heavy rainfall can cause gutters to become loose or even missing in action, it’s important to check for sagging or gaps. Gutters that pull away from the fascia or missing gutter sections weaken the system and can cause damage to the roof, siding and foundation of your home by allowing water to go where it should not. To repair sagging gutters, replace worn brackets, remove rusted nails and tighten loose screws. Replace a missing section with a new length of gutter.


Bits of debris like twigs, pine needles, and leaves can enter and exit a gutter system safely without doing any harm. The problem occurs as accumulated buildup forms clogs. When water isn’t allowed to flow freely, it can spill over, creating a perfect place for mold and mildew. Stagnant rainwater is an inviting breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes. Clear the gutter system of any clogs. Plan to clean the gutters thoroughly at least once a year; at least twice a year if you have a trees growing close to the house.


Gutters leak for a number of reasons, but the biggest reason is the effect of the elements. Sun, wind, melting snow and heavy rainfall can cause cracks or holes to appear. Weather conditions combined with aging can wear away the sealant that joins the gutter sections together. Normal wear and tear is also a contributing factor: types of material, like aluminum or vinyl, expand and contract. Most leaks can be fixed by reapplying sealant to the affected seams – don’t forget to use the proper sealant for the type of material your gutters are made of. When larger holes and cracks can’t be filled in, they can be repaired by cutting out the damaged area and replacing it.

To ensure that they’re providing the best possible protection for your home, check the gutters from time to time for anything that needs attention. If you can’t fix it yourself, a qualified gutter contractor or exterior finishing contractor will be able repair or replace any broken parts – the longer you wait, the minor repair could become an expensive one.