How to Save on Gutter Services

As a budget-conscious homeowner, it might not make sense to spend money on gutter cleaning services when you can do it yourself. But if you procrastinate season after season, you could be setting yourself up for some serious water damage that might eventually compromise the foundation or structure of your home. Hiring a gutter cleaning professional gives you one less thing to worry about. It doesn’t have to cost a lot: there are ways you can save money when hiring a professional gutter cleaning service.

Money Saving Tip No. 1: Look for discounts not only online, but also through traditional advertising channels like television, radio and newspapers.

Money Saving Tip No. 2:  Check out the company’s website for bundle discounts on two or more cleaning services.

Money Saving Tip No. 3:  Exterior finishing companies that offer gutter cleaning services want return business. Phone the local company in your area and ask if they have discounts for seniors; ongoing service plans; special offers for new customers; or seasonal discounts.

Money Saving Tip No. 4:  Most gutter professionals offer free estimates. Get at least three quotes from three different companies before signing a contract. If you really like one company over all the rest, but your favourite pick is higher-priced or doesn’t offer a service that the others, ask if they’ll include it for free or if they will price match.

Money Saving Tip No. 5:  Ask the company if they have a referral program. Some companies will give you discounts on certain services if you refer your friends and neighbors.

Money Saving Tip No. 6:  Consider gutter accessories like a mesh screen or protective cover to reduce the amount of debris that enters the gutter system. Especially if you have a lot of trees growing close to the house, a gutter protection system of some kind can cut down on the number of times per year you might need a professional cleaning service.