Get Windows Professionally Cleaned this Spring

A home seems welcoming if the exterior is clean and sparkling, particularly the windows. Keeping the windows grime-free, both inside and outside provides health benefits while bumping up curb appeal. During spring, pollen, tree sap, and dust collect on glass panes creating a sticky film that reduces visibility and looks unattractive. Reasons to have the windows of your home professionally cleaned this spring include saving time, reducing the risk of injury, and increasing the lifespan of your windows.

Saving Time

It’s not like the gutters and downspouts: if you forget to clean the windows three years in a row, nothing too terrible is going to happen. Hiring someone to professionally clean the exterior windows of your home might seem like an unnecessary expense. But when you keep putting it off because of your busy schedule, it could be the more sensible course of action to hire a professional.

Reducing the Risk of Injury

Particularly is your house if two or more stories, don’t risk injury when it can be prevented. Even if the house is one story, windows can be difficult to reach and/or awkward to wash if situated in cramped spaces. Falling off a ladder is not fun. Professional window cleaners will know how to take proper safety measures.

Proper Window Cleaning Skills

A person cleaning their own windows hasn’t developed the same skill set as a professional residential window cleaner. Professionals use time-saving techniques and proper methods that can cut the time in half it would take the homeowner to do the same job.

Different Types of Windows

Different types of windows require different cleaning methods. When cleaning double pane windows, you don’t want to compromise the seals that make them energy-efficient. The same goes for other types of windows including annealed glass panes, heat-strengthened glass, and tempered glass. If specialty windows such as tinted panels, stained glass, or skylights are part of your home’s exterior and roofing system, give them the special care they deserve from a professional window cleaning service.

Spotting Problems

A professional residential window washer can identify problems such as sashes that are painted shut, ill-fitting window screens, loose window panes, damaged hardware that impedes functionality, and wood rot on window frames or sills. Professional window cleaners will also inform you of bee/wasp/hornet nests behind shutters or the nests of beetles generally found in channels, making windows difficult to open.

Increasing the Lifespan of Your Windows

Dirt and grime left on glass surfaces can become etched on to glass panes, causing permanent damage and shortening the lifespan of the window. Also, many professional window washing services now promote and use earth-friendly chemicals and cleaning solutions that are gentle on your windows. Getting the windows professionally washed at least once a year will help extend their lifespan.