Reinvent Your Home’s Exterior

Rethinking your home exterior can greatly improve the overall appearance of your home. After all, the front of any house is the first thing visitors, neighbours, and passers-by see. To upgrade its look and boost curb appeal, reinvent your home’s exterior this year with these simple ways that add style, character, and resale value.

Different Siding Material

Siding covers approximately 85% of a house. When changing the siding material from, for example, aluminum siding to cedar siding, it gives your property an entirely different personality.

Another way to create a new look for your home is to mix siding materials – cedar shakes with stone veneer or metal panels with horizontal lap siding or use one type of siding for the main parts of the house but a different type of siding for the sun porch and garage.

Different Colour

When you’re reluctant to change the siding material but you still want to reinvent your home’s exterior, choose a different colour. A current 2019 trend for exterior colours is dark on dark – select a deep shade for the siding and pair it with a dark tone for the trim.

If you don’t have siding installed, the same can be said for repainting the house exterior. Particularly if your home exterior hasn’t been painted in quite a while, selecting a deep neutral or a bold colour can bring your property from out of the past into the present.

Install Copper Gutters

Copper gutters are both practical and aesthetically appealing. A copper gutter system has a classic look that gives a home distinction and a high-end appearance. With copper gutters, there are generally more decorative options available such as leader heads, engraved brackets, and embossed downspouts. Most homeowners who install copper gutters are attracted to them because of the beautiful patina that occurs gradually over time as the copper ages. Copper gutters definitely make a statement!

New Garage Door

If your garage door is older than 15 years, it’s probably time for a new one. You might not realize it, but a new garage door significantly impacts your home exterior. Especially if you have a 2-car or 3-car garage, worn or damaged garage doors can make your property look dingy or unkempt, even if the rest of the home’s exterior is in great shape.

Think about the image you want to project. Today’s manufacturers offer the consumer many choices including frosted glass panels, raised panels, and arched windows. When you are replacing old garage doors, take the opportunity to upgrade your current one with a door that has more advanced security features. 

New Front Door

A new front door will do wonders for your home’s exterior if the paint is fading, it still has a doorknob, or it lets air escape through gaps at the bottom and/or around the frame. Replacing the entry door has a number of benefits including reducing energy bills, reducing noise pollution, improving security, and making your home more welcoming (curb appeal).

New Windows

A home’s exterior can be magically improved by simply washing the windows. A lot of grime can collect on glass panes during the winter months. But if they continue to look grimy after a spring cleaning or they’re still single-paned or the wood frames are showing signs of rot you should invest in new windows. Do you want small panes (“interrupted view”) or wide panes with minimal frames (larger view)? Different types of windows express different styles that can completely transform your house, both inside and out.