Things to Look for When Buying Gutter Guards

Leaf protection systems do help prevent debris from entering the gutters and can be a valuable element of any home maintenance strategy. But after weighing the pros and cons regarding the different types of leaf protection available, there are still other things to look for before making a final purchase.

Right Design for Your Home

When considering an all-in-one gutter protection system, make sure that the fascia will be able to support the additional weight.

Ensure that the cover, screen or leaf guard product fits into the existing gutter system the way it should, without leaving gaps. Any holes or openings in the design of the gutter guards should be small enough to keep out most types of debris. If the leaf protector lets in more bits of debris than it strains out, then the gutter guards will need to be removed so that you can clean out the gutters, defeating the reason the protection system was installed in the first place.

New Gutter Installation

Some types of gutter covers are actually an all-in-one gutter system. This means your current gutters will be removed to make way for new guttering. It’s not a very green option, especially if your gutters are currently 7 or fewer years old.


Any leaf protection system must be constructed of quality materials that are strong and durable. They should last for five to 7 years before having to be replaced. Some brands of gutter covers and all-in-one leaf protection systems are designed to last anywhere from 10 to 25 years.

What’s Included

If you are purchasing a leaf protection product that you intend to DIY, make sure that everything is included. When you have buy additional parts or hardware, it can quickly increase the total cost of the project.

Typically, a professionally installed gutter protection system is covered by a guarantee or warranty. Check to see how long the warranty is for; if it transfers to the new homeowners should you sell your house; and any specific conditions that would void the warranty.

Impact Your Roof

When some types of gutter covers are installed, at least one row of shingles has to be removed. This can impact your roof in three significant ways by:

  • creating places for leaks to form
  • voiding the roof manufacturer’s warranty
  • altering the existing slope and changing how water enters the gutters