Gutter Cleaning Costs

Photo credit: Tim Evanson/Flickr Creative Commons
Image credit: Tim Evanson/Flickr Creative Commons

While it’s getting more difficult to find the time to do the much dreaded gutter cleaning chore, it still seems like an unnecessary expense to hire someone when you’re perfectly capable. Regularly cleaning the gutters directly affects how well they protect your home’s exterior. Pros can clean the gutters of a house in two to four hours. If you’ve “rescheduled” two or more years in a row, perhaps its time to do a little investigating – it might not be as expensive as you think.


Reputable gutter companies are pretty competitive, which is a good thing for homeowners. Gutter cleaning costs, however, do depend on certain factors such as:

  • size of house – companies charge by the square footage of the home
  • amount of guttering – companies charge by the linear foot
  • the current condition of the gutters – if the gutter system hasn’t been cleaned in a number of years, it could take longer
  • time of year – some gutter cleaning services charge according to how busy they are or what projects they are obligated to complete by a certain deadline

Pro Cleaning Services

Regardless of the company hired, a homeowner should expect the gutter cleaning service to:

  • clean the gutters manually – gutter pros don’t usually use a leaf blower or a pressure washer
  • flush the system with water – after the debris has been removed, water should be run through the gutter channels and downspouts to guarantee correct flow
  • properly remove debris from the property

Some gutter cleaning companies offer cleaning services related to gutter cleaning. While they’re up a ladder anyway they might as well sweep the roof or make minor or same day repairs. But they will charge you extra. Some companies will charge for removing then cleaning underneath screens or gutter guards, or when they have to clear clogs from downspouts that aren’t easily flushed out. Find out what’s included in the initial cost and have the company outline and explain any situation that will incur additional fees.


In addition to regular methods of payment, ask about any discounts and current promotions that might be applicable. Gutter cleaning companies want to encourage return business – some companies offer discounts if you book ahead or request an ongoing service plan.