Reasons to Install Aluminum Gutters

Aluminum gutters still remain the most popular choice for homeowners in North America. An aluminum gutter system is relatively straightforward to have installed, available in a variety of colours, and easy to maintain. While durability and rust resistance are major factors for this gutter material’s popularity, there are other good reasons to install aluminum gutters on your home.

Eco-Friendly Gutter Material

Aluminum is a recyclable gutter material, which makes it eco-friendly. The longer the life-span, the longer aluminum gutters don’t end up in landfill sites. To extend its longevity, when having an aluminum gutter system installed, choose a high grade of metal and/or select seamless aluminum gutters, which tend to last longer than standard, sectional aluminum gutters. Manufacturing metal gutters from recyclable materials help to increase recycled content and reduce construction waste.

Lightweight Gutter Material

Another reason to install aluminum gutters is that they are lightweight while offering maximum protection to the house exterior. With other metals such as copper or steel, when combined with standing rainwater and organic debris, the gutter system can become so heavy or stressed that it begins to pull away from the fascia. Sagging gutter sections mean the gutters are bent out of shape (literally) and can cause problems such as overflowing, soil erosion, and other landscaping drainage issues. Even when they become clogged, aluminum gutters generally retain their shape better (but do need to be cleaned eventually).

Seamless Options are Available

Many homeowners choose seamless aluminum gutters for aesthetic reasons. Fewer seams mean less interruption for the eyes, giving a house exterior, particularly the roofline, a high-end smooth appearance. But fewer seams also mean there are less places for leaks to form, reducing time spent on maintenance and repair costs.

Aluminum Gutters are Affordable

Of all of the gutter materials on the market, aluminum is the second least expensive (vinyl gutters are the first). Their durability, rust-resistance, and how much upkeep they require make aluminum gutters cost-effective. They can also contribute to the resale of your home because most prospective buyers want a new house that can be easily maintained.

Aluminum Gutters are Durable

Sectional aluminum gutters can last from 25 to 35 years; seamless aluminum gutters anywhere from 25 to 50 years. Even though lower grades of aluminum are subject to dents, aluminum gutters generally capably withstand the elements – anything from hail to high winds to heavy rainfall. Because aluminum is rust-resistant, an aluminum gutter system is also less vulnerable to sea air.