Pros and Cons of Half-Round Gutters

There’s no denying it – half-round gutters possess a distinctive curb appeal. Because of their curved shape, simple lines and unique gutter accessories, half-round copper gutters can be found on many historic or heritage homes. The half-round steel or aluminum gutter profile is also a popular choice for modern and contemporary house designs. Whatever the architectural style of your home, half-round gutters can provide that little extra something different. But are half-round gutters for you?


Half-round gutters have several advantages, both esthetic and functional, over other gutter profiles. These are:

  • a timeless look that adds a classic flair
  • when made of copper, they gracefully age from their original color to a green or grey green
  • no edges or angles inside the gutter channel to snag pieces of debris that might form clogs
  • easier to clean than other standard gutter profiles like the K-style


While they do look stunning, there are some disadvantages to installing and maintaining a half-round gutter system. Half-round gutters:

  • can be more expensive than standard gutters
  • often require special accessories unique to this type of gutter system
  • tend to weigh more
  • typically channel less water than K-style gutters

Half-round gutters are visually appealing. They are also exceptionally versatile: you can change the personality of your home’s exterior by selecting copper half-round gutters for a classic appearance or galvanized steel half-round gutters for a more modern look.