Eco-Friendly Gutters

Gutters protect your property from the elements, while adding character and curb appeal to your home exterior. But how do you protect the environment when choosing what’s best for you? Part of the problem is definition: green, going green, living green, eco-friendly and environmentally friendly often mean different things from one person to another. Bottom line – anything we do to reduce green house gases and keep toxic materials out of landfills is a good thing. Here are some ways to choose a green option when buying new gutters.

Recycled Materials:  When gutters are made from recycled aluminum or copper, new products are not being produced. If buying recycled metal gutters is not an option for you, purchase aluminum, steel or copper gutters, which can be recycled.

Quality Gutter Materials:  Consider investing in a medium to high end gutter system. The higher the gauge of metal or quality of material, the more durable it will be. And the longer it lasts means it’s kept out of the land fill longer (if it’s not recyclable).

Rainwater Collection: Incorporate some kind of rainwater collection method when buying new gutters. A rain barrel, cistern or tank can store water that would normally drain out and away from the downpipes. Collected rainwater can then be used for watering lawns, flowerbeds and shrubbery (anything not edible).

Low Maintenance: Choose gutter materials that require little or no maintenance. Plan to add a leaf protection system. The fewer resources needed to keep them well-maintained, the more environmentally friendly your gutters will be.