How to Work with a Gutter Contractor

When you need to replace the gutters, it can seem a bit overwhelming. But there are steps you can take to ensure that your home improvement project turns out the way it should. Successfully working with a gutters contractor starts with finding someone you can trust, communicate with and depend on.

Right Contractor for You

A homeowner typically hires a gutter contractor for one of three reasons: to install new gutters, to have the existing gutter system repaired or to have the gutters cleaned. Look for a gutters contractor that will offer quality materials, provide excellent service, and complete the work quickly.

Most gutter installation companies provide free estimates. Get an estimate from at least three contractors so that you can compare:

  • the total cost of materials and labour
  • if they have the proper licenses, certifications and liability insurance
  • what is guaranteed and/or under warranty
  • what is included

Getting Ready

While the contractor will apply for any applicable building permits, as the homeowner, you might be required to apply for a general permit according to local bylaws or regulations before the work on your gutters can begin.

Depending on specific conditions, the gutter contractor might need you to prepare your property before the crew arrives. Your prep work duties could include:

  • removing items like the grill or patio furniture away from exterior walls
  • closing windows and doors
  • covering any shrubs or plants
  • moving anything that might be an obstacle to a crew setting up ladders or scaffolding

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Be clear and as detailed as possible about your expectations.

Keep the lines of communication open. If the work needs to be rescheduled or you have questions and concerns, let the gutter contractor know.

While it’s understandable you might feel a bit anxious about the whole project and think they need some direction or supervision, let them do the work you hired them to do.

After the installation, inspect the gutters to make sure the work was completed to your satisfaction. If it isn’t, discuss with the gutter contractor what will be done to fix the situation.