Home Repairs You Should Hire a Pro to Do

It goes without saying that any home improvement project you would like to tackle costs money. If you like to DIY, it makes sense to stretch the household budget by doing the projects and home maintenance yourself. While some tasks are relatively simple or straightforward, many home improvement projects require the specific skills of a professional contractor. Regardless of your DIY skills and level of experience, here are home repairs you should hire a pro to do.

Electrical Repairs and Installing Fixtures

If something is wrong with a house’s electrical system and requires major repairs, particularly involving an older home, hire a licensed electrician. It’s better for a professional contractor to discover wiring that isn’t entirely up to code. And it’s also safer for the homeowner who likes to DIY – a “simple” rewiring project can become extremely dangerous in a relatively short amount of time.

Replacing an old light fixture with a new one is a common DIY project, easily accomplished by a DIYer with basic to medium electrical skills. However, when putting a new light fixture in a place where there wasn’t one before, it should be installed by an electrician. The same goes for a ceiling fan – hire a licensed electrician if it will be installed in a room or area where there previously wasn’t one.

Plumbing Issues

When replacing a toilet, whirlpool, water heater or sewage system, major flooding could occur if the installation is not properly executed. Other plumbing home improvement projects that should be done by a professional certified plumber are upgrades to a bathroom where the bathtub is switched from one wall to another to make room for a rainfall shower or a kitchen renovation that includes an island with a double sink.

HVAC Installations or Repairs

Whether it’s for a residential or commercial building, heating and cooling systems must meet certain codes. This typically means they require specific permits and the installation by a certified technician. Any repairs that are made to a heating unit or an air conditioner must also comply with any relevant codes. Depending on the manufacturer, if the HVAC installation hasn’t been done by a qualified professional associated with the authorized seller of the product, the warranty might be void.

Painting Your Home’s Exterior

It’s not just the exterior walls that have to be painted. Painting your home’s exterior also involves painting the soffit, rake boards, and the trim around windows and doors. And before the painting can even begin, the exterior of the house must be fully prepped, including thoroughly washing the home’s exterior, repairing cracks and holes, and recaulking damaged door and window trim. Even if you have great DIY painting skills, a professional painter with two-plus years of experience and the proper equipment can paint an average-size house in three to four days and a large residence (three-storey or five-bedroom home) in five to six days.

Turning Windows into Doors

If you’ve always wanted to replace the three narrow windows in the dining room with sliding glass doors to allow easy access to the patio and let in more light, hire a professional window installer. Since it will be necessary to cut into the building’s envelope, a window contractor with experience installing sliding doors ensures that the job will be done right.