Reasons for Spring Gutter Cleaning

Gutters are an important part of your home’s exterior. They protect its structural integrity from being compromised by excess moisture and the damage it can cause. Keeping the gutter system well-maintained is essential to the health of your home. While there’s no denying that regular gutter maintenance is good preventative medicine, there are reasons that spring gutter cleaning is better, in some ways than cleaning the gutters at any other time of year.

 Lots of Vancouver Rain

The combined amounts of rainfall during the winter and spring months can add up to lots of Vancouver rain that your gutters have to manage. Winter can be rough on a gutter system. Any debris that has landed in the gutter channel can quickly become a clog. It’s important to clean the gutters in spring, preferably after flowering trees have shed their blossoms, to prevent blockages from forming and causing overflowing gutters or a flooded basement.

After all, it is Vancouver – it’s not unheard of for our region to receive several consecutive days of rain in late spring and/or early summer. A spring gutter cleaning will help ensure that the water in the gutters will flow easily toward the downspouts – just in time for those summer rainstorms.

Helps Prevent Damage

It doesn’t take much – a few twigs, damp leaves, silt – for debris to build up in a gutter system. And when gutters become blocked, even a light rainfall can cause gutters to leak, overflow, or sag. When not working optimally, spring showers might make your home vulnerable to serious water damage. Cleaning the gutters in spring will help prevent roofing (leaks), siding (mold growth) and foundation (cracking/shifting) issues.

 Insects and other Pests

Insects and other pests love the dark, damp interior of a gutter system, especially when it’s stuffed full of delightful nest-building debris. You don’t want to be spending summer dealing with pests swarming your backyard. Deal with gutters that need cleaning in the spring so that you can enjoy your summer.

Focus is on the Gutters

When you hire someone or you clean your gutter system, the focus is on the gutters. Even if the gutters were cleaned in the fall, winter storms might have done some damage such as dents by strong winds or broken tree limbs and just normal wear and tear. Having the gutters cleaned in the spring gives you a chance to inspect and repair any damage before it becomes worse.

To Look Good

Weathering winter can make a home’s exterior look tired and dingy. Cleaning the gutters in spring will help greatly improve your curb appeal. When a gutter system is clogged and water spills over the side of the gutters, not only do the gutter sections become streaked, but siding can appear dirty and streaked as well. Constantly overflowing gutters can destroy landscaping, making your property look untidy or unkempt. To maintain your good standing in your neighbourhood, spring clean your home’s exterior and don’t forget the gutters.