Home Exterior Design Trends 2017

Your home is a big investment. Trends come and go but you want maximum curb appeal that expresses your unique style and personality without the threat of becoming quickly outdated. With these home exterior design trends for 2017, your home will never go out of style.

Low Maintenance Materials

Exterior finishing elements should be low maintenance. Expect to see cement fiber siding, seamless aluminum gutters, hidden gutters, and fiberglass doors as emerging trends. Any home exterior products that require minimum time expenditure for upkeep, are durable and are environmentally friendly, will be popular choices in the New Year.

Natural Elements

In the upcoming year, homebuyers and homeowners will see more natural elements inspired by the Craftsman architectural style. Tapered wood porch columns stationed on stone bases, open gable porches, and cedar siding, particularly shingles, are making a comeback.

Nothing outshines copper gutters for instant curb appeal. And they check all the right boxes – they’re sustainable, durable, and relatively low-maintenance.

In addition to being both natural and sustainable materials, brick and stone are low-maintenance, giving a home’s exterior an enduring and timeless appearance. The upcoming trend is brick and stone being used together, for example, a brick exterior mixed with stone wainscoting.

Metal toned materials like copper gutters, pewter door handles, and brass mailboxes or mail slots boost curb appeal and expresses your personal style.

Environmentally Conscious

High on the trend-setting list for 2017 are sustainable materials. A product is considered sustainable if its life cycle (extraction, fabrication, disposal) is not harmful to people and the environment.

Transom windows are typically a smaller set of windows placed above regular windows or an entry door. While they were often added as a decorative detail, in today’s housing market, transom windows are being used to increase the amount of light in a room and improve ventilation.

In 2017, landscaping will be more eco-friendly and low-maintenance. The emphasis will be on landscape design that minimizes resources used to maintain a garden, such as planting perennials, reducing lawn size, and strategically planted trees to control shade and light.