How to Compare Gutter Installation Estimates

If new gutters are on your home improvements list for 2017, you will probably hire a gutter professional. After you’ve received free estimates from at least three contractors, you’ll be deciding on which exterior finishing company to hire. Knowing how to compare gutter installation estimates will help you make the best decision for you and your home.

Your Budget

Assigning a monetary limit to your home improvement project will be instrumental in deciding where you want to spend your money: for example, seamless gutters vs. sectional or decorative brackets vs. functional fasteners. An estimate is the contractor’s educated guess on what your gutter installation will cost from start to finish. Remember to budget for over costs; at least 15% over the total cost outlined in the estimate. If a gutter installation estimate exceeds your budget bottom line, you could probably skip this particular contractor.

Apples with Apples

Break down each estimate into general sections such as the contractor, materials, labour, and warranties. A gutter installation company that’s been in business for 25 years might be able to offer grade-A materials over a contractor new to the area because the more established person receives better pricing from their long-term vendors.

If you’re not sure what kind of gutters you want, you might ask one contractor for an estimate for an aluminum gutter system and another gutter professional for a free estimate for copper gutters. Since copper is the more expensive material of the two, get at least two other copper guttering estimates in order to decide which contractor can give you the best deal.

What’s Being Offered

Don’t assume that three estimates for aluminum gutters are equal in terms of gauge of metal, warranty or labour costs. Ask questions if something is not clear to you

Also, examine differences in services. Contractor A offers warranties for both materials and workmanship while Contractor B’s warranty only cover the installation and not the materials; Contractor B will remove and dispose of the old gutter system, while another company doesn’t. Prioritize what’s important to you before deciding on who will be hired.