Exterior Home Design Trends in 2021

Any choices you make regarding upgrades to your home’s exterior are investments in time and money. You want to the changes you make to age gracefully for as long as possible. Region makes a difference – for example, Pacific west coast classic colours are vibrant or deeper toned while Atlantic east coast shades are moody greys, silvers, and blues. Use these up-and-coming exterior home design trends in 2021 to increase curb appeal and your home’s comfort quotient, but ones that also take into account the neighbourhood where you live.

Adding More Windows

In addition to all of the other ways COVID-19 has impacted us, it’s made us reexamine our living spaces. With forecast trends of working from home even after the pandemic is over and people moving to smaller cities because they no longer have to take commuting into account, our homes, now more than ever, need to become home bases.

Adding more exterior windows instantly brightens up interior rooms. The three main options are:

  1. Match the additional windows to the ones already in place
  2. Replace existing windows to go with the design of the new windows
  3. Take the opportunity to start fresh and select a window design that better suits the architectural style of your home

Natural Colours

 Using natural colours such as stone, light grey, soft greens, and muted blues on a home exterior has a calming effect. White is also a good exterior paint colour for 2021, but whites tend to be creamy or warmer, updating a classic home exterior timeless choice. White siding is often used as a contrast to dark trim or entry doors.

Dark Colours

In the year ahead dark colours make a comeback. An all-black exterior is bold and dramatic. So are deep greys with undertones of blue. A dark tone for a new roof or a roof replacement is eye-catching.

Use of Mixed Materials

Expect to see builders and designers mixing materials together and pairing them with interesting shapes. A new-build home in 2021 and beyond will have an exterior constructed of several materials such as brick, board and batten, and cedar shakes.

Shake siding is one of the top trends this year because it works well with almost any architectural style from rustic to farmhouse to modern. Environmentally friendly products such as cedar shakes have rich texture that is both warm and visually engaging.

Materials for trim are moving away from natural wood; polymer, cellular PVC, and fiber cement trim aren’t susceptible to rot.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping Designs

 COVID-19 had many of us thinking about growing our own vegetables and this is trend will continue well into 2021. Finding ways to integrate raised garden beds, planters, and larger containers will provide more food-growing spaces and make the most of the backyard.

When you upgrade or design a new garden, keeping the whole planet in mind is a growing trend. It simply means to be as earth-friendly as you possibly can – organic gardening, improve soil structure, avoid using pesticides, and plant native plants, including ones that will attract bees and butterflies.

A water feature can include one or a combination of the following: a fountain, waterfall, pool, pond, or backyard stream. Besides the most obvious reason, aesthetic appeal, water features possess other distinct benefits such as creating a soothing backdrop of sound; converting a problem area into a focal point; and enhancing the natural ecosystem by attracting wildlife such as birds, butterflies, and dragonflies.

Front Doors that make a Statement

Quality made, high-end (they just have to look expensive) front doors can upgrade your home’s exterior and boost curb appeal. The entry door to your home doesn’t just welcome guests; it announces your unique style to the neighbourhood. For a front door that makes a statement choose one with architectural details such as a transom window, recessed panels, inset panels, or oil-rubbed bronze hardware.