Home Trends of 2021

While home trends are good indicators of what is popular and worthwhile investing time and money in, they can go out of style in one to five years. The endgame is to refresh your home both inside and out while maximizing curb appeal. Bring in the New Year with these home trends or 2021 that will be around for some time to come even though they might have been inspired by the pandemic.

Multigenerational Living

A predicted home trend of 2021 sees homeowners buying larger houses to make room for aging parents, children moving back home, or in-laws having to down-size. While multigenerational living is not a new concept, the pandemic has compelled people to rethink health care, reduced incomes, and working from home.

Related to purchasing homes to accommodate kids and their grandparents, homeowners are staying where they are but building apartments either in the home itself or on the property. They go by a number of names including “accessory apartment,” “granny flat,” or “in-law suite.” Whatever you want to call them, accessory suites provide a safe and private place for seniors or kids returning home to live.

The Move to Smaller Cities

The 2020 trend of moving to smaller cities is expected to continue into 2021. With predictions of people still working from home even once the pandemic is over, they are making the most of the new normal to reduce the cost of living, minimizing a long commute, and residing in a less densely populated area.

Dedicated Home Office

During the pandemic when we thought it wouldn’t be for much longer, hunched over a laptop parked on a coffee table or creating a spreadsheet in the dining room was okay for the short term. But now homeowners are beginning to see the value of a dedicated home office. Whether it’s in a room of its own or designed as a dual purpose room, for example, a spare bedroom/office combo, it’s important to have a place where you can work comfortably, take calls, and have an uninterrupted break from homeschooling.

A Camera-Ready Area

As mentioned above, it is most likely that many people won’t be returning to the office or their place of work anytime soon. Meetings will still be held virtually. If you don’t have a home office or you don’t want people to see your work space, have an area that is camera-ready. A web conference area should include:

  • A neutral background such as a brick wall or a bookshelf that’s not too “busy”
  • Walls that are free of paintings, family pictures, etc.
  • A webcam set up at eye level so you are centered in the frame
  • A microphone that will be close enough when seated
  • Ideally a room with a door to discourage disruptions

Staycation Friendly

Because of the uncertainty of COVID-19, who knows when recreational travel will resume? Another 2021 home trend is creating a backyard oasis where the family can relax while enjoying the amenities of a “real” vacation. If you plan on selling your home sometime in the future, choose upgrades that will boost the resale value of your home. Some staycation ideas include:

  • A pool – don’t forget about above ground pool options
  • A fire pit
  • Building a patio or deck
  • Adding an outdoor kitchen to an existing patio
  • Creating an al fresco dining area
  • Planting a flower or vegetable garden
  • A mini-playground for kids

Front Yard Living Areas

It makes sense that front yard living areas will grow in popularity in 2021. What’s good for the backyard is good for the front. Expanding our living space is particularly important during a pandemic. A small paved area or a grassy patch of lawn is the ideal place for a bistro set. Beautiful landscaping is a plus, but having somewhere to sit and have a conversation and sip coffee is very inviting, ramping up curb appeal. Check municipal bylaws for any restrictions on the types of things you can add to your front garden – a fire pit, for example, might be prohibited.