Common Rain Gutter Problems

Gutters are designed to channel water away from your home. But when they aren’t maintained properly or they’re broken and need replacing, rain gutters can cause problems with expensive consequences. Being aware of potential complications can help you avoid possible disasters in the future.

When gutters and/or downpipes become clogged, it can interfere with how efficiently water is channeled away from your home. The obvious offenders are leaves, twigs, etc. but also be on the lookout for other obstructions like birds’ nests or tennis balls.

Leaking gutters are another common problem homeowners can experience. This occurs if seams or gutter end caps aren’t sealed properly, allowing water to escape between the gaps. Seamless gutters generally do not have this problem.

Black streaks, also known as tiger striping, occur when dirty water overflows from the top of the gutter. Not only is it a sign that water is not being channeled to where it is supposed to go, black streaks can ruin the esthetic appearance of your home.

Improperly sloped gutters can stop water from easily flowing downward. Check your gutters for standing water immediately after a steady rainfall.