Does the Roof Need Replacing?

If you really need new gutters, should you also be thinking about replacing the roof at the same time? Here are some signs that your roof might not last the winter:

  • Energy bills have become very high
  • Dark patches appear on the roof
  • Shingles start falling off or have been blown away
  • Fascia and/or exterior walls begin crumbling
  • Paint of interior or exterior walls starts peeling
  • Attic leaks after heavy storms or ice buildup melts
  • Mold or mildew appears on interior walls or ceilings

When faced with having to get both a new roof and rain gutters, which one should be done first? Generally, a roofing contractor will take down the gutters first before removing the old roof and putting the new one on. Many roofing companies will do both at the same time, for an additional fee. However, if you are thinking of buying seamless aluminum gutters, they should be installed by a gutters professional. If you need to prioritize due to budget concerns, you can get the gutter system installed before the roof, but the gutters will be less vulnerable to damage when the roof is done first.