Advantages of Hidden Gutters

Hidden gutters or built-in gutters are often found on historic buildings and heritage homes. But in the past decade, they have been making a comeback. Advantages of built-in gutters include heightened esthetics and longevity.

This type of gutter system is appealing to many homeowners because it’s not “added on” as an afterthought. Hidden gutters make the house, especially the front of the home, more esthetically pleasing. Standard gutters attached to the eaves tend to stick out; built-in gutters give the exterior a streamlined, uncluttered appearance. Instead, the eye is drawn to architectural details, such as a glass block section of wall or intricate woodwork.

Hidden gutters don’t just look good; they are also extremely functional. They are wide enough to handle the high volumes of water that a roof can be subjected to. Since they are somewhat enclosed, built-in gutters are less prone to clogs caused by the accumulation of leaves, twigs and bits of nests.

Another advantage of hidden gutters is longevity. Because they are typically lined with a durable metal like copper or stainless steel, built-in gutters can have a long life span, up to 50 years or more, depending upon how well they have been cared for.