Gutters for Garages and Sheds

When buying gutters, homeowners are typically purchasing them for their house. But other types of residential structures like garages and sheds often need gutters too. No matter the size, a garage or work shed without gutters and downspouts can have an adverse impact on your property or neighbour’s.

A shed or garage without gutters and downspouts can also create muddy patches or pools of water that have to be walked around or avoided. Water isn’t kind to cement either; it can undermine the integrity of the concrete slab the out building is built on. Constant contact with pooling water can damage the foundation, leading to uneven settling or the appearance of cracks in the floor.

It doesn’t have to be expensive: one of the best ways to protect your garage, shed or workshop is to install vinyl or aluminum gutters. Increase the curb appeal of your home by matching or complementing the colour of the gutters on your home to the ones you are purchasing for your garage/shed.