Tips for Keeping Your Vinyl Siding Looking New

Vinyl siding is considered to be the most economical siding material available. However, it can show signs of wear more quickly than other types of siding such as fading, blistering and cracking. While techniques in the production of plastics have improved the durability of vinyl siding, these maintenance tips should help keep it looking new longer.

Wash Don’t Paint: When your vinyl does become a little dingy looking, you might be tempted to paint it. Give it a good rinse instead. Unless primed properly and applied with professional skill, painting vinyl siding could result in making the exterior of your look shabbier rather than smarter. Since vinyl siding is prone to expanding and contracting, the painted vinyl surface might look fine in the summer but when the weather cools and it contracts, shifting where panel seams overlap could reveal unpainted patches.

Be Kind: When cleaning your vinyl siding, don’t use harsh chemicals and cleaning tools like steel wool that can leave scratches. Scrub at stubborn spots with a soft bristle brush. If you do need to use a power washer, select a lower setting and don’t apply the water at an angle – aiming straight ahead at eye level will reduce the possibility of water being forced behind the vinyl siding where trapped moisture can encourage mould to grow. When tending flower beds or shrubbery near your house, cover the siding with plastic or tarp if there’s a chance it will come into contact with herbicides, insecticides, etc.

Strategic Barbeque Placement: An outdoor barbeque can emit enough heat to melt or warp vinyl siding. If you are using a charcoal grill, it can stain the exterior with soot. Place the barbeque at least 10 feet away from your home.