Why Should Your Gutters be Cleaned by a Professional?

You know you should clean your gutters on a regular basis to prevent them from becoming clogged or damaged. Especially in Vancouver, gutter cleaning might not seem like a priority because weather conditions aren’t as severe as they are in other parts of the country. Regardless of the climate, gutters should be maintained at least twice a year; once in the spring and again in the fall. While cleaning gutters appear to be a relatively straightforward task, there are several reasons when hiring a professional might be better for you and your home.

Making Time for Gutter Cleaning

What with the kids’ demands, a busy work week, social engagements, etc., it can be easy to forget to make time for cleaning your gutters. There are better ways to spend your weekend than climbing a ladder to remove junk from an eaves trough.


Risk of injury is very real – one of the most common household accidents is falling off a ladder. Professional gutter cleaning companies like MHC Gutters insure their workers against any injuries that might occur.

Potential Problems

A professional gutter cleaner will be able to spot potential problems like soft spots in the roof or possible mold issues.

The Right Tools

You might not own all of the right tools. A professional gutters installation and maintenance company would typically use standoff bars to prevent scratching or scuffing or a gutter vacuum to clear out hard to reach places.

Improperly maintained gutters can be a home’s worst enemy. A professional gutter cleaner will be able to recognize potential problems while having your gutters functioning optimally again in no time.