Soffit and Fascia

What is fascia? What is soffit? And why should you care? Soffit and fascia, just like gutters and downpipes, protect the structural integrity of your home. They also add those finishing touches that complete the look of a building’s exterior.

Fascia is the band of material situated under the roof edge, running horizontally, and is visible from the street. Soffit is the “floor” of the roof; underside paneling that extends from the side of the house to the edge of the eave, enclosing the space between and sealing it from the elements. In some architectural designs, where the edge of the roof is flush with the walls of the structure, soffits for venting may be included as part of the fascia.

Soffit and fascia can be constructed from wood, wood composites, vinyl, aluminum and other metals. Proper installation of fascia and soffits will not only play a significant role in its overall appearance, they are also extremely important in how well your home is protected. Vented soffits as part of the main roof deck can help ventilate the attic space, regulating the temperature inside.

Because soffits are part of the roof, they are equally vulnerable to the elements, water damage and even nesting animals if they can find a way in get into the space behind soffit panels. Fascia can also be vulnerable to water damage, which can result in the companion problems of mold, rot or rust. Periodic checks of fascia or roof trim to see if repair or replacement is needed will ensure your house is protected as it should be.