When a Roof is Missing Shingles

If it’s just a few blown off roof tiles, it might not seem worth the effort of replacing them, especially if you have to call a roofing contractor. But when a roof is missing shingles, it can have long-term consequences such as leaks, interior water damage, and the decreased value of your home.

Places for Leaks to Form

While one missing shingle most likely won’t be the cause of your roof springing a leak, it makes the surrounding shingles vulnerable to wind and rain. The trouble with a leaking roof is that often it is difficult to determine where the leak started – a slow ceiling drip might be the result of shingles blown off a roof and not replaced or repaired anywhere from a month to a year ago.

Other Types of Water Damage

Exposed decking or roof underlayment can lead to other types of water damage. Missing roofing shingles allow water in behind shingles or underneath the roof underlayment or into the roof decking. When damp areas are not dried out either by exposure to sun or air or both, wood becomes exposed to mold spores and rot – given enough time, mold growth and wood rot can lead to serious structural damage.

Value of Your Home

When missing shingles are noticeable from the street, it can appear that the house is not well-maintained. If you’re in the process of selling your home, a potential buyer might offer a lower asking price to cover the cost of roof repairs and any interior damage caused by a leaking roof.

Curb Appeal

Gaps in a roof due to missing shingles directly impacts a home’s exterior. While curb appeal is related to the resale value of your home, it has also become a reflection of your house’s style and personality. Missing roof tiles detracts from that good neighbour vibe a well-maintained home conveys.

Insurance Concerns

Missing shingles can affect your home insurance – insurance companies might refuse a claim on the grounds the property was not reasonably maintained. They might also refuse to renew an existing policy.