Let Your Home’s Exterior Help You Sell Faster

Whether you need to move immediately to take advantage of a new opportunity in another province or you just want to move into your new neighbourhood across town as quickly as possible, there are things you can do to help make your home sell faster. Home improvements focusing on the exterior will increase curb appeal, making the house more appealing to home buyers – you can’t sell your home if they don’t want to come inside.

The Roof

Clean the roof. Ensure that no roofing shingles need replacing or repairing. Check all flashings – there should be no rust, lifting, gaps or other signs of damage. Remove any moss or mildew growth, as this might give home buyers the impression that there are other problems they’ll have to deal with. Even if the roof is older than 15 years, it can still be a selling point if it’s never needed major repairs.

The Gutter System

If you have no plans to replace the gutters before you sell, make sure that the gutter system is in good shape. Clean the gutters inside and outside. Remove moss or mildew growth, tiger striping, and staining caused by algae. Check the downspouts for clogs, loose brackets, and any splash blocks or downspout extenders, if they are a part of the gutter system, to see if they need repositioning or replacing.

Paint if Necessary

Siding or the exterior walls must be stain free and have no visible signs of damage such as dents (aluminum siding) and cracking, splitting, or pealing (wood siding). Start with washing the exterior. If it still looks a little tired, paint if necessary – the return on investment (ROI) will be worth it.

New Front Door

The door to the main entrance of your house should make a statement. It doesn’t have to be grand or expensive. But to have a significant impact on curb appeal, it should be eye-catching and welcoming. Trending are steel doors – they possess aesthetics while adding a level of security that appeal to home buyers.

Repurpose Underused Areas

If the porch has become a storage place for bikes and miscellaneous items that should be stored elsewhere, declutter and transform it into a hospitable place to sit and enjoy the view.

Adding a fire pit to a part of the backyard no one seems to really use is the perfect way to create a place for family and friends to gather. It will help home buyers visualize how they can use the space.

A bare garage wall, the space in front of fences, or the length of a garden shed wall is an opportunity to reclaim underused areas of your property. Plant an herb garden next to the garage; plant flowers or low-growing