What to Expect for Exterior Home Trends in 2020

For homeowners, curb appeal will always be an ongoing trend. Small changes can have a big impact. Improving your home’s exterior and finding ways to make it blend in while standing out is always a good return on investment. From metal roofs to contrasting siding materials to statement driveways and walkways, here is what to expect for exterior home trends in 2020.

Natural elements include wood and brick.

In the New Year, you will find more natural siding options. A growing trend is to use eco-friendly materials such as wood and brick. A variation on the environmentally friendly theme is to use wood materials, including cedar shakes, as accents with metal siding or brick cladding.

Natural elements such as wood, brick, and stone aren’t limited to siding applications. Expect exterior home trends to boost curb appeal with bigger driveways and wider pathways made from cement, pavers, or bricks.

Select durable, high-quality materials over less expensive ones.

Related to being environmentally friendly and becoming more earth-conscious, construction professionals and homeowners are selecting durable, high-quality materials that last longer, can be recycled, and are sustainable. Choosing these types of materials over less expensive ones reduces the amount of time and resources spent on maintenance, and increases the overall efficiency and functionality of the home.

Floor to ceiling windows and doors let in more light.

The quest for more light translates into floor to ceiling windows and sliding doors. Natural light improves physical health and mental wellness, and the more natural we can bring inside, especially during the winter months, make our living spaces brighter and more attractive.

It conveniently ties in with the ongoing trend of bringing the outside in. Essentially a wall of glass, floor to ceiling windows and doors are a practical way of making the transition from the deck, patio, an expanse of lawn, or outdoor pool to the interior of your home seamless.

Metal Roofs become more popular with homeowners.

Because of its aesthetic appeal and functionality, metal roofs became popular with homeowners within the past five years. But the construction industry expects this trend to grow exponentially in 2020 due to several factors.

  • Homeowners and professionals alike want to use eco-friendly products and materials for house construction – roofs made of aluminum and steel typically contain significant recycled content; then they can be recycled when replaced.
  • While metal roofs cost more, they generally have a lifespan that is two to three times longer than asphalt roofing systems.
  • Regardless of the size or style of home, a homeowner will be able to find a good match. Metal roofs are available in a wide variety of colours, styles, and types to choose from.

Garage doors become more integral to the exterior home design.

Especially if a garage, attached or detached, is situated at the front of the house, it’s part of your home exterior that has the potential to boost or a subtract from your home’s curb appeal. In the New Year, garage doors become essential to the general appearance of a house.

Expect to see bigger doors manufactured from lightweight fiberglass, steel, and wood that require minimum maintenance. Look for features such as large-paned windows with clear or opaque glass; ornate hardware including strap hinges and decorative handles; bold accent colours.

Home exterior additions are low-maintenance with high curb appeal.

Upgrading certain elements of your home’s exterior not only improves curb appeal, it also increases the pride and enjoyment you get from your home. Choose low-maintenance materials when adding these home exterior additions in 2020.

Porches: A porch offers someplace to sit and enjoy your yard and neighbourhood. It is a convenient gathering place, somewhat sheltered from the elements yet allows you to be outside.

Porticos: A portico is a type of porch that protects the front door from the elements, making it last longer. Porticos also have the added benefit of keeping rain and snow from falling on guests as they enter the house.

Decks: In the New Year, decks tend to be multi-level and designed to reduce the amount of lawn care required. They are also intended to provide a seamless transition from outdoor elements to interior spaces.