Holiday Gifts for Your Gutters

Gutters protect your home from the adverse effects of water – mold, wood rot, rust, and foundation damage. Gutter accessories that complement your existing gutter system add strength and functionality. While the focus should always be on a gutter system that works optimally, including decorative touches boosts curb appeal. Holiday gifts for your gutters include splash blocks, rain chains, and gutter cleaning robots.

Rain Chains

Rain chains are a beautiful alternative to downpipes. Combing aesthetics with functionality, they guide water from the roof down the chain – made of a series of links or cups – and into the ground. Because a rain chain doesn’t divert water in the same way a downspout does, it must have its own drainage system such as a basin or rock garden. Reasons rain chains are so appealing include the musical sound of water running down the chain, no danger of clogging, and increased curb appeal.

Rain Barrels

A container intended to capture and store rainwater as it exits the gutter system from the downpipes, a rain barrel can be decorative or utilitarian. Rain barrels for residential applications typically range from 189 liters (50 gallons) to 302 liters (80 gallons). The benefits of a rain barrel include the reduction of runoff on your property; saves money; and improves the health of the soil and plants fed with rainwater.

Splash Blocks

A great holiday gift for your gutter system, a splash block placed underneath a downspout, guides rainwater away from the foundation of the house. When downpipes expel water too close to basement exterior walls, foundation problems such as cracking and flooding can occur. Splash blocks also protect the ground around the foundation from soil erosion.

Downspout Extenders

Along the same lines as splash blocks, downspout extensions allow rainwater to be expelled a further distance away from the house. This gift is ideal for a downspout that is too short, drains too close to neighboring property, or when depositing water it floods the landscaping.

Gifts for Both of You

While giving your gutter system accessories that improve performance, how about holiday gifts for both of you? Help protect your home from damage caused by bad weather and ensure the gutters stay well-maintained with minimal effort on your part.

Leaf protection: They are called by a number of different names, but they are all designed to do the same thing – keep debris from entering the gutter system. Gutter guards that cover the gutter channel have the added bonus of keeping out nesting birds, animals, and insects. A leaf protection system reduces the number of times a year gutters need to be cleaned.

Cleaning service: Many gutter installation companies offer gutter cleaning packages. Sign up for a gutter cleaning service that fits the needs of your home, and let them do the rest. The gutters get cleaned according to a predetermined schedule and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Gutter cleaning robot: If you still want to clean the gutters yourself, but what do skip all of the grimy work, a gutter cleaning robot is the perfect gift for both you and your gutters. Place the gutter cleaning tool inside the gutter channel and let the robot clean the gutters for you.