Ways to make Your Home Exterior Look Expensive

Curb appeal is important for several reasons. Your home’s exterior is the first thing family, friends, and neighbours see as they approach or pass by. Good curb appeal enhances the overall look and feel of your home and sends the message that it is well-maintained and cared for. If you would like to step up your curb appeal game here is a short guide for inexpensive ways to make your home exterior look expensive.

Thoroughly Clean Your Home’s Exterior

One of the most effective and inexpensive ways to make your home look expensive is to give it a thorough cleaning. Remove the grime of winter from the windows. Make sure the roof and gutters are free of debris. Wash the siding; take special care around window and door trim.

Dirt or grime doesn’t just look bad – when it’s allowed to remain on the surfaces of siding, the gutters, and the downspouts, it can erode or infiltrate protective finishes that prevent the exterior finishing elements of your home from deteriorating. Damp leaves left to sit on a roof can damage shingles and encourage mold growth.

Mindful Landscaping

A luxurious home typically has landscaping to match. A simple way to achieve a similar look for your property is to have a plan that incorporates the five key components of good landscaping design. They are:

  • Balance
  • Proportion
  • Colour
  • Texture
  • Shape

Mindful landscaping that pays attention to the colours, textures, and shapes helps enhance the visual impact of your front yard. Create zones using plants, shrubs, and trees to focus on specific areas such as the front of the house, the property line, pathways, and the driveway. It doesn’t have to cost much – a landscaping plan that builds on what is already growing in your yard will transform your property into a cohesive canvas that’s attractive and welcoming.

Edge Flower Beds and Driveways

The landscaping of most large, expensive homes has specific areas designed for a particular purpose. – a seating area in the front yard; a pathway winding to a birdbath; an arbour welcoming your into a secluded part of the garden. Flower beds, driveways, and paths edged with materials such as decorative wrought iron fencing , large rocks, stones, and low growing perennials enhance the existing organic elements while further defining each individual space. Edging, regardless what kind is used, draws the eye to focal points and transition areas (i.e. from lawn to patio) that are visually appealing.

Contrasting Colour for the Front Door

Consider replacing or repainting the front door of your home. Take into consideration some of the other exterior finishing elements such as the roof, door and window trim, and the siding. To make the entry of your home stand out select a darker hued contrasting colour.

Update the Entry Door

If the door and frame are still in good shape and really doesn’t need replacing or repainting, update the entry door by:

  • Swapping existing hardware for locks, handles, and hinges in a distinctive metal like brass or brushed steel
  • Adding a letter plate or door knocker
  • Placing tall planters on either side – use textured pots in a contrasting colour for maximum visual impact
  • Trading old house numbers for new ones that are larger and shinier.

Install Ambient Lighting

Whether you want to upgrade the outdoor light fixtures on either side of the front door, shine some light on the entryway steps, or outline a garden pathway installing the right outdoor ambient lighting transforms your home’s exterior into an inviting space. While booting curb appeal, lighting up the front door or areas of your property also adds a level of security to your home.

Declutter the Front Yard

Driving past the mansions on Marine Drive on a Sunday afternoon what do you notice missing? Expensive homes have beautiful manicured lawns; no abandoned bicycles left in the middle of the driveway; no toys scattered around the front steps. Declutter your front yard. Remove items leaning against the siding or garage. Store or get rid of anything that is not being used or can’t be repaired. Put away lawn care tools. Neatly coil and properly store garden hoses. Use lawn ornaments with discretion – two or three well-chosen ornaments can add a touch of whimsy to your landscaping.