Today’s Vinyl Siding

One of the most popular types of siding is vinyl siding because it is easy to install, durable and inexpensive. In previous decades, as a siding material, it was prone to cracking, fading and warping. But today’s vinyl siding can deliver a low maintenance home exterior that looks good for a long time.

Updated formulas and manufacturing techniques contribute to vinyl siding’s new and improved reputation. While the color can still fade when exposed to long periods of direct sunlight, the time span before fading occurs is longer. If vinyl siding does fade or incurs other types of damage, sections can be replaced more easily than in past years.

The variety and availability of vinyl siding products has also been increased. Today’s vinyl siding comes in a number of textures and sizes (different widths) and a wide range of colors. This means contractors and home owners have more choice and control over the siding material used to clad a house. A heritage home, for example, isn’t necessarily limited to wood siding since vinyl siding can have the appearance of wood shakes, stone or brick.

While it doesn’t do so well in extreme climate conditions (very cold-very hot), as a siding material, vinyl siding easily withstands elements ranging from temperate climates to higher cold or hot climate zones. Vinyl siding is a plus, since it provides flexible protection from the climate conditions experienced in the Lower Mainland. It’s accessibility in different thicknesses allows the consumer to design a siding system for specific microclimates (a house subjected to stronger winds than its neighbor due to being closer to the water).

Thicker vinyl panels are more advantageous when it comes to preventing damage that can result from expansion/contraction, being directly hit by objects or scratching and denting. Vinyl siding can also be used to insulate the house, keeping the cold out in winter and preventing the heat from entering in summer.

Vinyl siding offers today’s homeowner a wide spectrum of products, fade-resistant colors and configurations that can add to the esthetic appeal of many architectural styles. It not only looks good, vinyl siding can optimally protect your home with little maintenance.