Tips for Buying Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are a popular choice with homeowners because they have a smooth appearance and are low maintenance. They are fabricated on site from a continuous length of metal, reducing the number of seams and places leaks can form. Use these tips to get the most out of your new seamless gutter system.

Gutter Installation Process

Take your time finding a good contractor that will reliably guide you through the gutter installation process from start to finish. When selecting a contractor, things to avoid include:

  • someone who appears to have their own agenda (pushing certain products, overselling, etc.)
  • a quote that’s too high
  • a quote that’s too low
  • not given a firm time frame for when the gutters will be installed

Get at least three estimates. A gutter installation company will make suggestions and give advice regarding the specific details of the seamless gutter system you want to buy. But before asking for an estimate, decide on the basics first, such as gutter width, profile, gutter material, and colour.


Seamless gutters, also known as continuous gutters, are manufactured from metals such as aluminum, copper, and steel. They come in different gauges or thicknesses. While higher gauges of metal are usually more expensive, they also tend to last longer and to be stronger than the same metal of a lower gauge.


Gutter systems made from copper or galvanized steel typically aren’t available in other colours (the gutter material is the colour). Seamless aluminum gutters are made from feeding flat aluminum on a coil into a gutter machine. A gutter installation company typically offers a range of colours that will complement your home’s exterior.


The cost of seamless gutters is generally based on how many linear feet of guttering needed. Other factors that help determine the total cost are:

  • type of gutter material used
  • gutter width – 6” gutters are more expensive than 5”
  • the number of storeys (height of your home)
  • if the roof has multiple levels
  • two or more downspouts