Super 5” Gutters for Your Home

It’s no secret! The Lower Mainland receives high levels of precipitation annually. This means anything a Vancouver homeowner can do to protect their property from water damage is a smart choice. Gutter sizing is important when determining what type of gutter system to buy. Super 5” gutters demonstrate the classic style, strength, and durability of a standard K-style 5” gutter, but with some significant advantages for the consumer looking for superior guttering options.

Standard 5-inch Gutters

The K-style gutter profile, also known as Colonial, is the most common shape selected for gutters in Canada and the United States. Starting at the base of the gutter, the outer edge consists of a short, straight line followed by 2 opposing curves, and then ends in another short, straight line that forms the top of the gutter. Other common styles of 5-inch gutters for residential applications are the 2-step profile, flat face profile, and crown mould profile. These profiles, including K-style, typically have a base width of three inches or less, depending on the manufacturer.

Five-inch gutter profiles are often paired with 2 x 3-inch rectangular downspouts or 2-inch round downpipes. A standard 5-inch gutter system will provide adequate and consistent protection year-round.

Super 5-inch Gutters

Like standard 5-inch gutter systems, super 5-inch gutters are available in a variety of gutter profiles. However, super 5” gutters have some distinct advantages over regular 5” gutters. Regardless of the profile style, they have a wider base, allowing them to handle a larger volume of water. The high capacity of a super 5 gutter system makes it an ideal alternative to gutters with a narrower base (narrow gutter channel). A wider gutter channel means that both water and debris are permitted more movement through the gutters right from when the rainwater flows off the roof and makes its way into the downpipes.

Fascia gutters are often used on buildings where fascia boards haven’t been installed. Super 5” gutters can be used in all residential and commercial applications including strata communities where fascia gutters are needed. The super 5-inch gutter has a greater depth than a regular fascia gutter, allowing it to adapt easily to wider styled fascia boards. Super 5” gutters channel to a much bigger downspout (3” x 4”) if required.

Super 5-inch gutters can provide the perfect solution for homes needing a gutter system that is designed to carry larger volumes of water. As a better quality product, MHC Gutters is proud to offer the super 5” gutter profile to our valued customers.