Spring Home Exterior Tips

Spring is here! You’ve survived the winter months. Now it’s time to see if your home exterior did too. Use these easy tips to spruce up the outside of your house and improve its curb appeal.

Walk with Binoculars

Winter weather can be especially tough on roof and siding. Walk around your home with a pair of binoculars. Examine the siding carefully for cracks, discoloration (sign of water damage) and mold. Focus the binoculars on the roof (you might have to cross the street). You’re looking for loose or missing shingles, very obvious raised nail heads and rotting or streaked fascia.


Inspect the foundation for any cracks and problem areas. Check the landscaping: it should slope away from the foundation to ensure proper drainage and protection from water damage.

Gutters and Downpipes

Clean the gutters. Check downspouts for any obstructions. Inspect the gutters and downpipes for: loose hangers/fasteners, missing or sagging sections, worn seams and damaged areas (rust, punctures, etc).


Examine windows and doors for seals that have become worn or cracked. Recaulk where necessary so that they will remain watertight. Wash the windows. Not only do streaked windows make your house look drab, dirt can block out more light that you realize.


Wash walkways. Patch up cracks. Don’t forget the driveway.


If you haven’t painted the house in five to seven years, consider painting the exterior this spring. In addition to making your home exterior look better, a coat of fresh paint helps protect it from the elements. If the siding material doesn’t require painting, plan on touching up the window and door trim.

Landscaping and the Backyard

While it might be too early to start planting flowers or inviting friends over for a barbeque, you can get your backyard ready for seasonal entertaining. Clear away debris such as twigs and leaves from pathways, plant beds and the patio. Repair or replace broken outdoor furniture. Examine other structures (shed, garage, outdoor kitchen) on your property for any damage.