Spring Home Exterior Projects that will Save You Money

Spring home maintenance projects will improve the look and character of your home’s exterior. A house is a big investment; taking care of it with seasonal repairs and inspections can help protect your home from water damage, decay, climate and environmental effects. Even if you decide to hire a professional to do the work, being able to identify and repair damage now can help you save money in the future for a major repair or even the replacement of a roof, the gutters or siding.

The Roof

Spring is the perfect time to inspect the roof for any environmental damage that might have occurred over the rainy, winter months. Remove loose debris including leaves, twigs and moss.

Look for:

  • missing, loose or damaged shingles
  • vents or flashing that have shifted or become loose
  • “soft” spots where rot or mold have set in
  • gaps where water can collect
  • fascia boards and soffit panels that have become compromised

The Gutters

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall. If the house is surrounded by a lot of trees, subject to wind storms or in an area popular with birds and squirrels, consider cleaning the gutters three times a year or even with each seasonal change. At least once a year, the gutter system should be thoroughly inspected.

Look for:

  • places where water pools, both inside the gutter and around the downspout
  • rust spots and flaking or peeling paint
  • blockages in the gutter channel and downspout
  • sagging gutter sections
  • downpipe coming away from the wall

The Exterior

Spruce up the home’s exterior. Start by power washing the siding or exterior walls. Inspect the windows and doors. Do minor repairs to window frames; repaint the trim if it appears worn or faded. Re-caulk windows and doors – you don’t just want to keep cold air out; you also want to keep the heat of summer from adversely affecting your home’s interior.

Look for:

  • discoloration, cracks and mold/mildew growth on siding or exterior walls
  • sections of siding that have become loose or are damaged
  • cracks and problem areas on the foundation
  • signs of weathering or damage on the deck, patio or porch