Aluminum Gutters

Approximately 80% of gutters installed on residential and commercial buildings in North America are made of aluminum. Suited to a variety of climatic conditions, they work well with all types of building materials and fascia systems including vinyl, wood and brick.

Pros and Cons

Aluminum gutters are durable, and low-maintenance. Aluminum rain gutters are also lightweight, easy to cut and mold, rust-resistant and cost-effective.

There are actually few disadvantages regarding aluminum gutters. Aluminum gutters do tend to expand and contract (although not to the extent that vinyl does) and they can be easily dinged or dented. To increase the longevity of rain gutters made of aluminum, choose the thickest gauge (.032 in.).

Colors and Finishes

Aluminum gutters are available in a wide range of colours. Popular finishes include factory-baked enamel, metallic and matte. If the standard gutter colors (white, cream, gray and black) don’t appeal to you, but you’re not sure what to select, match the gutter color with your roof, window trim or front door.

Sectional vs. Seamless

You can choose sectional or seamless gutters for your home or business. Sectional aluminum gutters are installed in sections; joined together at the seams, then sealed. Seamless aluminum gutters are made from one continuous piece, reducing the number of seams or potential places where a leak can form.