Simple Upgrades to Increase Your Home’s Value

More homeowners are opting to do renovations in the fall and winter months because it can be a cost-effective way to stretch a remodel budget – depending on the type of renovation, contractors are often less busy during October, November and December. If you’re thinking about home improvements in time for upcoming holidays, even if you’re not planning on selling anytime soon, simple upgrades that increase your home’s value will help you to get the most enjoyment out of your home now while improving its resale value for the future.

In Today’s Competitive Market

When considering any type of home exterior or home interior renovations, focus on energy-efficient and eco-friendly. In today’s competitive home selling market, having newly a remodeled kitchen that includes eco-friendly countertops and energy-efficient appliances will increase your home’s value in the eyes of a future homebuyer. Choosing to replace old siding with energy-efficient aluminum siding or old gutters with eco-friendly gutter materials will have a similar positive impact.

Improve your Curb Appeal

One of the easiest ways to increase a home’s value is to improve its curb appeal. Popular home improvement projects designed to boost curb appeal include:

  • Outdoor lighting for security and aesthetics; replace all bulbs with energy-efficient ones
  • Landscaping that features regional vegetation and colourful flowering shrubs and plants
  • Replacing outdated hardscape elements such as cement pathways, a driveway, or a patio with flagstone or brick pavers
  • Replacing the front door and/or garage door if it looks worn or old or has become a security risk
  • Cleaning the siding or replacing it if necessary
  • Painting the home exterior with a new colour (if you don’t have siding)

No matter how small the back and front yards are there is always room for a flowerbed, vegetable garden, or container pots. Even the smallest splash of colour or addition to the general landscaping such as a trellis can add real value to your home.

Redo the Bathroom

Bringing an outdated bathroom into the 21st century will help increase the value of your home. While a deep soak tub, a waterfall shower, or marble tile flooring might seem like the ideal luxurious touches to add value, future homebuyers can view these types of improvements as a liability (high-maintenance). Keep bathroom upgrades simple yet sophisticated, functional yet elegant by adding:

  • A separate shower stall with floor to ceiling glass panels
  • High-efficiency faucets
  • A low-flush toilet
  • A double vanity sink
  • Sleek cabinetry hardware that packs a punch
  • Recessed lighting

When the budget doesn’t allow for a major bathroom renovation, you might be surprised at how much of a difference the simplest tweaks can make. Clear countertops of clutter; maximize wall space with storage cubes or floating shelves; paint the walls a new colour. Replacing outdated lighting fixtures, broken hardware, a tired shower curtain and worn towels can greatly improve a bathroom overall appearance.

Time for New Windows

If the outside comes inside (and vice versa) whenever the seasons change, it’s probably time to upgrade your windows to ones with double or triple panes. Windows that are difficult to open and close can be a potential security issue. Perhaps a dark room could benefit from a style of window that will allow in more natural light. Especially if you live next to a road or highway, in addition to helping you reduce your energy bills new windows can also provide valuable insulation from traffic noise.

Add More Storage

Adding more storage wherever you can, both inside and outside the house is another simple upgrade that will increase your home’s value. Practical storage ideas include:

  • Building a cupboard or shelving unit underneath the back stairs
  • Making existing closets more functional with built-in or freestanding organizers
  • Adding built-in closets to rooms that don’t have any
  • Buying or building an all-purpose storage shed for the backyard
  • Adding permanent tool, bike, and garden tool racks and organizers in the garage