Should You Hire Someone to Clean the Gutters?

When gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, it can lead to major problems such as a flooded basement, damaged siding, or water-stained interior walls. While the main reason for cleaning the gutters yourself is to save money, there are several other very good reasons for hiring someone to do it for you.

Safety Concerns

One of the top three preventable non-work-related accidents is falling off a ladder while performing home maintenance chores. If you’re not clear on all aspects of ladder safety or you’re just not fond of heights, avoid the risk of personal injury by hiring a gutter cleaning company.

Not Cleaned in a Long Time

If the gutters haven’t been cleaned in a long time or inspected for potential repairs, the whole process will take longer. Also, it will most likely be a little less straightforward. Hiring a gutter professional, in this case, will not only ensure that the gutters and downspouts get thoroughly cleaned, but that problem areas are identified and then addressed.

Never had to Clean the Gutters

You’ve never had to clean the gutters before. Whether it’s because you’ve lived in a condo or could always get someone to volunteer, gutter cleaning has never been a part of your home maintenance routine. Although it might seem like something you can figure out, instinctively reaching for the power washer, for example, might actually harm aluminum gutters. A gutter cleaning service will know the best way to clean your home’s gutter system.

Your House

Consider hiring a gutter cleaning company if your house:

  • is two or more storeys
  • is large
  • has a complex roofing system (i.e. multiple levels)
  • has a built-in gutter system

Right Equipment

Sure, the ladder is a couple of rungs too short, but it’ll be okay if you can still reach? A professional gutter company will have the right equipment, including extension ladders, various gutter cleaning tools, and scaffolding if it’s needed.

Right Know-How

A gutter installation company will provide quick and efficient cleaning. It’s probably going to take a DIY-er longer to complete a gutter cleaning project than a professional, on average 2 to 3.5 hours depending on the size of the house and roof configuration. A good gutter cleaning company offers a number of services including, special gutter-face treatments (i.e. moss/algae removal), replacing worn brackets, property clean-up, and any necessary follow-up calls or visits.