Should You Clean Your Own Gutters?

DIY gutter cleaning can save you money. But there are certain situations when it is more economical and safer in the long run to hire a gutter cleaning professional. Some scenarios where it might be better to skip the DIY route include your house is tall, mobility issues, and you don’t have access to the right equipment.


Procrastination is not your friend. If you keep putting off cleaning the gutters, months can quickly turn into years. A gutter system that is not regularly maintained is susceptible to debris build-up, overflowing, leaks, and sagging. When you can’t seem to get motivated to tackle that messy gutter cleaning chore, it’s better to hire someone to do it for you.

Busy Schedule

Your schedule is really busy; you never seem to get around blocking out enough time on the weekend to do some basic home maintenance, including cleaning the gutters. To prevent basement flooding or structural damage to your home, it might be worth it to schedule an appointment with a gutter cleaning service.

Large House

The larger your house, the more dangerous it is to clean the gutters on your own. Even a fall from a ladder a short distance from the ground can result in a serious injury. A large house has a large roof. When the roof configuration is complex, certain gutter sections might be hard to reach. When the house is two or more storeys, consider skipping DIY gutter cleaning.

Long Gutter Run

A large house typically has a long gutter run. While cleaning the gutters on a smaller home requires the same process – climb the ladder, clean the section of gutter directly in front of you, then move the ladder to clean the next section – a long gutter run can be challenging, requiring that many more trips down and up to move the ladder.

Don’t have the Right Equipment

A gutter cleaning company will have all the right safety equipment to keep their crew members safe while working from ladders or sweeping off the roof (if that is included in their gutter cleaning service). They will also know how to use tools such as power washers and leaf blowers so that they don’t harm your roof or gutters in the process.

Gutters not Cleaned in a While

Gutter cleaning professionals advise hiring someone if the gutters haven’t been cleaned in a long time – three or more years. Because they haven’t been cleaned in a while, it will take longer to get the gutter system into shape. Also, cleaning the gutters might reveal things that need fixing – troubleshooting gutters is something a gutter cleaning service does on a regular basis.

Won’t Be Safe

Safety must be a number one priority. If you won’t be safe while cleaning the gutters, it’s not worth the risk. Safety concerns include:

  • An underlying medical condition
  • Not as agile as in the past
  • Fear of heights
  • Not used to working from a ladder
  • Ladder and other pieces of equipment not in good repair
  • House is close to power lines

Knowledge and Expertise

You might not have the comprehensive knowledge and expertise to clean your gutters. A professional gutter company will know how to clean the gutters, taking into account the gutter material, roof configuration, and possible safety issues.