Repainting Aluminum Gutters

Just like giving the living room a new look by painting it a different colour, you can give the outside of your home a little facelift by repainting your aluminum gutters. Whether your aluminum rain gutters have become worn, faded, slightly discoloured or you want to add some curb appeal, painting your existing aluminum gutter system can be a great way to freshen up your home’s exterior.

­Step 1

Gently scrape off any loose paint and dirt build-up on the gutters and downspouts to be repainted. Don’t forget that aluminum can be dented if too much pressure is applied.

Step 2

Thoroughly clean gutters and downspouts. You can use commercial gutter cleaners to do the job, but soapy water and a large sponge will often work just as well. Use small circular motions to remove dirt and debris. Washing the gutters may reveal additional areas of loose paint that need scraping. Gutters might appear chalky when dried.

Step 3

Apply the appropriate primer to all surfaces of the gutters and the downspouts with a brush, as per manufacturer’s instructions. The two types of primer that work best on aluminum gutters are an oil base metal primer or a clear acrylic bonding primer. Avoid water-based primers, since they can cause the aluminum to blister.

Step 4

When you’re ready to paint your gutter system, choose a day that is not too hot or too sunny, because you don’t want the paint to dry too quickly. It goes without saying that you don’t want to be painting in the rain. Using a brush, paint the gutters and downpipes with acrylic paint.

­Step 5

After the paint has dried, inspect your gutters from the ground to see if they will need a second coat. If they do, apply the second layer of paint within 48 hours of the first coat. This will give the top coat a better chance to bond properly.

Gutters not only serve a functional purpose, they also add visual interest, putting the emphasis on clean accent lines. Repainting with same colour will restore your gutter system to its previous pristine look, while choosing another colour that matches or complements the trim, will give your home a fresh, updated appearance.