Reasons to Plan ahead for Home Improvement Projects

If you would like to do some home improvement in the New Year, now is a good time to start thinking about what areas of your home you want to concentrate on. Projects such as landscaping, adding a water feature, or redoing the driveway in pavers will boost curb appeal. On the other hand, home renovations like installing a new roof, replacing the siding, or upgrading to larger size gutters improve functionality. Whether you intend to DIY or hire a contractor, reasons to plan ahead for any home improvement projects you have in mind include saving money, ordering materials, and avoid problematic scheduling issues.

Reason #1 – Provides Focus and Direction

What do you want the finished project to look like? How much do you want to spend? Does it need to be completed before the baby arrives? Should you add built-ins? You don’t want to install gutters before the roof is to be replaced or have to rip up the new floor to do the wiring for the dining room remodel. Thinking about a specific project and how you will get the job done provides focus and direction.

Reason #2 – Saves Money

Early planning is a good way to save money. If you want to build a deck, for example and have scheduled it for the summer months, you can check out home improvement/hardware websites for promotions and discounts. Installing windows, replacing kitchen cabinets and counters, or renovating the bathroom in winter can be cost-saving since contractors are often not as busy off-season. Also, many companies and manufacturers offer really good year-end deals on siding, lumber, appliances, and other home improvement materials and items.

Reason #3 – Getting Permits

Depending on the home improvement, you might or might need a permit. When replacing gutters and downspouts no permit is required. However, if you plan to add a second storey or build a home theatre off the family room (same level addition) or move pipes around in the bathroom to accommodate a double vanity and a bigger bathtub, you will need permits.

Reason #4 – Delivery Hold-Ups

If you plan to DIY your home improvement projects, you will be ordering products and materials. To deliver from their place to yours, it takes approximately six to eight weeks. Factor in COVID-19 supply chain issues, upcoming holidays, and backordering. Order materials and products eight to 10 weeks in advance of the start of your home reno to be on the safe side.

Reason #5 – Scheduling Issues

You might not be able to do your renovations in the late fall or winter when contractors aren’t as busy. Especially if you are having work done during the spring, summer, or early fall, planning ahead allows you to book early, avoiding scheduling issues.

Reason #6 – Packing Up

Before embarking on a big renovation or remodeling one or more rooms, you want each room free of clutter and empty of furniture. Having enough time to declutter and pack away items you want to keep will make the renovation go more smoothly.

Reason #7 – Plan for Problems

The best laid plans of even the most organized contractor can go awry – equipment breakdowns, employees off sick, and supply shortages are just a few things that can go wrong. Or they turn up at your house to start work and find they don’t have access to the back lane. You can’t have a solution for every problem that arises, but you can budget for cost overruns and unexpected emergencies.