Reasons for Choosing a Certain Type of Siding

When thinking about new siding for your home the choices can seem endless. What if you pick the wrong siding material? Suppose it looks good in the showroom, but the colour looks odd once it’s been installed? You like the appearance of modern metal panels, but will they make the home exterior stand out rather than blend in? The right siding transforms a typical house into a beautiful home. Here are some popular reasons homeowners choose one type of siding over another.

Ways to be Kinder to the Environment

Today, many people are making a conscious effort to invest in earth-friendly products. How sustainable a certain type of siding depends on longevity, level of toxicity, whether or not the material is recyclable, and if it is biodegradable. Ways to be kinder to the environment when purchasing siding include:

  • selecting durable siding materials
  • using sustainable products
  • ensuring the siding you invest in has been responsibly manufactured
  • checking to see if your siding option is locally sourced
  • using energy-efficient siding


You don’t want to have to do this again any time soon. The more durable the siding material, the less chance it will fail or become irreparably damaged. In order to be cost-effective, siding should be durable enough to withstand the weather systems of your local region, including high winds and heavy rainfall, for as long as you own your home.

Price of Siding Material

One of the biggest influencers in the selection of a certain type of siding material is the cost. Deciding to choose the least expensive option isn’t always the best course of action – the use of vinyl siding might be prohibited in your community or not suited to the style of your home. Setting a home improvements budget for your siding project will help you define what’s important to you. Ultimately you want siding that is affordable as well as being a good return on your investment.


The siding is probably the first thing family, friends, and visitors to your home notice. Aluminum siding, vinyl siding, or wood siding – whatever type of siding material you decide on, should be attractive and boost your curb appeal. When done right, including siding material and colour choice, siding brings into line all the other elements of a home’s exterior.

Amount of Maintenance Required

Another big influencer when choosing a siding material is the amount of maintenance required once the siding has been installed. Aluminum siding and vinyl siding are low-maintenance siding materials. Wood siding, including cedar shingles, needs to be maintained regularly to prevent wood rot, mold, mildew and splitting.