Rain Chains and Downspouts

A rain chain goes beyond basic functionality. While it serves the same purpose as a downspout, rain chains create an esthetic appeal to your home’s exterior. Not only is a rain chain visually appealing, it also incorporates the sense of sound into the overall experience. If you have to move or replace any of your downpipes, consider substituting at least one downspout with a rain chain.

Don’t let their pretty looks fool you – just like downpipes, rain chains need to be strategically placed for optimum drainage, and properly installed for maximum functionality. Residential, commercial and industrial buildings over two or more storeys should have them installed to accommodate splashing issues commonly associated with rain chains. While a rain chain does handle less water than a standard downspout, integrating one or two rain chains into your gutter system will not affect its ability to protect your property from water damage.

When using a combination of rain chains and downspouts, the most popular place to install them is at the front of the house, typically near a door, window or landscaped area. Being able to see and/or hear the rain chain can heighten the beauty of a rainy day. Homeowners who opt for rain chains, often anchor it in a decorative manner, allowing it to drain into a rock garden, shallow pool or flower bed.

Rain chains are normally constructed from some kind of metal. A rain chain can be just that; links joined together to form a chain. By adding decorative elements like cups or a themed chain, esthetic appeal is increased. For even greater visual appeal, select a copper rain chain, which will change color as it ages, eventually turning light green or blue-green. Rain chains made of brass will generally turn a shade of brown ranging from medium to dark shades.

Where being an alternative to traditional downpipes is not practical, using a combination of rain chains and downspouts can still add an element of beauty to your gutter system. The strategic use of a rain chain will increase your curb appeal; sense of wellbeing; and enjoyment of our typical Vancouver fall weather.