How to Decide on a Gutter Protection System

You know that some kind of a gutter protection or leaf guard system can help prevent debris from getting into the gutters. And that means you don’t have to clean them out so often. But how do you know which one is the best? Here are some tips to help you decide which system is right for you.

What Type?

Any type of leaf guard is designed to allow water into the gutter channel but strain out the debris. Since there are several different types of gutter protection systems on the market, choose one that directly addresses the characteristics of your property. For example, if you have a lot of trees growing close to the house, select screens with small openings.

Screens generally lay on top of the gutter channel. They can be made of vinyl, aluminum, metal or metal mesh.

Covers are attached to the gutters themselves and act much like lids. The curved surface of the top of the cover guides water into the gutters, while it repels leaves and twigs, allowing them to fall to the ground. If you choose the one-piece gutter protection system, it works like cover gutter guards but it actually will replace the gutters you have now.

Instead of fitting on or over the top the gutters, in-gutter leaf guards sit inside the gutter channel. They are made of porous materials intended to absorb water but keep debris out.

What Kind of Material?

The kind of material you select for your gutter protection system will typically determine the overall cost – aluminum costs more than vinyl; vinyl usually costs more than foam gutter guard products. Gutter protection systems made of metal like aluminum, galvanized steel or copper, range in price, copper being the most expensive.

Strong Enough?

When deciding on a gutter protection system, take into account the strength and condition of your gutters. Will they being able to support the added weight of a metal leaf guard system? Assess your current gutter system for any potential problems and plan on reinforcing them with additional brackets and screws if needed.

DIY or Pro?

How the leaf guards will be installed might influence your decision on what kind of gutter protection system you select. While most types of screens and in-gutter leaf guards can be done by do-it-yourselfers, it is advisable to have covers or one-piece gutter protection systems installed by a professional.