Questions to ask a Gutter Cleaning Service

If you’ve decided to have someone else clean the gutters for you this fall, you want to make sure the gutter cleaning service you hire is trustworthy and qualified. Many gutter installation companies offer gutter cleaning services. Which one should you hire? Here are some questions to ask a gutter company before you hire them.

How long have you been in business?

Find a gutter cleaning company that has been in business for three or more years. Because fall is such a lucrative season for gutter contractors, some contractors and gutter cleaning companies are in business just during the fall and then disappear when the season is over. Hire an established company that guarantees their work and will be around should something goes wrong or you need to follow up.

Is your staff insured?

If anyone is injured on your property, you could be liable for the costs associated with the accident. It is important to know what type of insurance and how much a gutter company carries should something happen when they’re working on your property.

The same principle applies to your home if it is damaged due to negligence on the part of the contractor – you will be left with the repair bill if the contractor is not insured. Never hire a gutter cleaning company that doesn’t have insure to cover accidents that involve people and/or damage to your home.

Is your staff qualified?

 Yes they are cleaning the gutters. But anyone on your roof, cleaning copper gutters, or cleaning seamless aluminum gutters that are hard to access should have the proper training and experience to work safely on different types of roofs. They should also have the knowledge, training and experience to use the right techniques and cleaning products best suited to your gutter system.

What safety procedures do you follow?

The company you hire to clean your gutters should protect its staff by requiring them to follow all industry safety standards.

What is included if I hire you to clean my gutters?

A gutter cleaning service clears away any debris found in the gutters and downspouts such as twigs, leaves, nests, insects, and even dead animals. Once the inside is cleaned, the system is flushed with water to ensure it is working properly. Gutter cleaners will also remove dirt and stains from the outside of the gutter system, and then rinse. The crew removes the debris and cleans up after themselves. A gutter contractor will give you an estimate for the work to be done: it should also include any additional charges (e.g. your house is three stories).

Can you give me references?

A professional gutter cleaning company should have a good standing in the business community – be a member of the Better Business Bureau, have good reviews on reputable consumer review websites, etc. The company should also be able to provide you with testimonials from satisfied customers that you can check or verify.