Outdoor Living Trends 2019

Updating the landscaping and adding elements to your backyard that transform it into a great place to relax can help make an older home look more modern. Even newer homes benefit from increased functionality and livability. It goes without saying it’s also good for curb appeal. Outdoor living trends for 2019 focus on relaxation and enhancing our enjoyment and appreciation of the outdoors.

Decks Redefined

Homeowners want more from a deck than a raised platform on which to park the barbecue. While not as complex as the outdoor kitchen, decks in 2019 will further extend the concept of bringing the indoors outside by adding more indoor amenities such a sectional sofa, rugs, accent cushions, and lamps.

Whether there’s existing access or an entry point needs to be created, some homeowners opt for floor-to-ceiling sliding doors or French doors in order to increase the amount of light in the indoor room, while creating a smoother transition from indoors to the deck outside.

Materials for decks in 2019 are moving away from natural woods to stronger, more durable composites that require less maintenance. Colours are bolder, allowing consumers to choose from a range of golden yellows, chili pepper reds, chocolate browns, and coffee brown-blacks.

Comfortable Gathering Places

In today’s world where it seems that every device and appliance buzzes, beeps, talks, or all of the above, reconnecting with people and nature is important to our overall health and well-being. More and more housing professionals are seeing the trend towards comfortable gathering places – outdoor seating arranged around a backyard fire pit; a garden bench with a side table placed near a treasured tree in the front yard; or a veranda repurposed just for hosting Sunday brunches.

These outdoor spaces are designed to make the most of focal points such as a flowering tree, fire pit, or trellis. They typically mix materials like brick with stone or smooth, prime colour fabrics with printed black-and-white canvas, and tiled surfaces with clay and aluminum accents.

Vegetable Gardens

A growing trend for the upcoming year is a place for edible plants. Inspired by a number of factors including rising produce costs, healthy eating movements, and people cooking at home more often, homeowners are including vegetable beds and herb gardens in their landscaping plans. Edible plants also add colour and character to a backyard space.

Backyard Meditation Garden

For several years now wellness and mindfulness have influenced interior design. This year, they play an important role in outdoor living trends. Garden spaces dedicated to meditation and relaxation such as Zen gardens or shaded reading alcoves will become more popular in 2019. Look for features such as a miniature waterfall, a stone paver path leading to a quiet place to sit, or an arbor or pergola to create the illusion of the privacy of an interior room.

Better Sheds

Not just for storing tools or potting plants anymore, homeowners are using sheds in a variety of different creative ways. Often sheds will be blended into the landscaping and its immediate surroundings. In addition to the standard storage and garden sheds, popular uses for a shed include a backyard bar, clubhouse, and private workspace (hobbies, home office, art studio, etc.).