How to Paint Vinyl Gutters

Since the colour is typically added during the manufacturing process, vinyl gutters usually do not need painting. But in these challenging economic times, it’s often cheaper to paint than to buy new. Reasons for painting vinyl gutters are: to improve curb appeal, give your home a new look, and add a layer of protection to a gutter system that is older but not old enough to be replaced.

Pre-Prep Work Decisions

Decide how you want to paint the gutters – attached to your home or removed.

If you choose to leave them attached, remember that you will be working looking up. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from drips. Remove the downpipe – it will be easier to paint, and you won’t have to tape off the siding.

If you decide to detach the gutters, pick an area that is somewhat secluded and put down a tarp or protective covering on which to work.

Plan to painting the gutters on a day that isn’t windy. If you intend on detaching the gutters, do your painting project when rain isn’t expected for about a week; this will allow the paint to cure before attempting to reattach the gutter system.

It’s a personal preference – paint or foam brushes can be used. You can also opt to spray-paint them, but not if you intend on leaving them attached during the painting process.

Prep Work

Thoroughly clean the gutters by dampening them down with a hose first, then gently scrubbing them with a soft all-purpose bristle brush. Use a detergent solution. Rinse off.

Use a bleach/water solution to remove mold.

Once all built-up dirt and debris has been removed, let the gutters dry before continuing.

Because vinyl gutters have a “gloss” to them, this will have to be removed so that the paint will properly adhere. You can do this in one of several ways: liquid sanding solution; fine to medium grade sand paper; going back over the surfaces with denatured alcohol.

Painting Gutters

Select a primer that will help bond the paint to vinyl.

Choose a high quality exterior latex paint, preferably one that is weather-resistant. Depending on how well the paint is covering the gutter, plan on one to two additional coats. Let the paint dry thoroughly before applying the next coat.

If you have removed the gutters to paint them, do not paint the inside.